Clasado Biosciences brings its prebiotic to SupplySide West

Published: 8-Sep-2017

Clasado Biosciences, a international biotechnology company and specialist in the research of gut mediated wellness solutions, will showcase Bimuno, its patented pioneering food supplement, at SupplySide West

SupplySide West is an industry’s meeting point, where the science and strategy of food development can combine to help identify the products that will grow the global functional food economy.

SupplySide West 2017 takes place at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas from 25–29 September and provides the perfect platform for Clasado Biosciences to present its Bimuno supplement to more than 15,000 ingredient buyers and suppliers from the dietary supplement, beverage, functional food, personal care and sports nutrition industries.

Bimuno naturally feeds and stimulates the growth and activity of preferred bacteria in the gut.

Bimuno differs significantly from most probiotics; it is unaffected as it passes through the acid of the stomach, it is impervious to digestive enzymes and exposure to oxygen and heat, therefore reaching the lower gut intact for maximum nutritional impact.

Clasado Biosciences brings its prebiotic to SupplySide West

Unlike the majority of supplements, it has been subjected to a rigorous series of human clinical trials. These have demonstrated a positive impact on gut microbiota, digestive comfort, metabolism and the immune system including the control of inflammation in the body.

Containing a unique active ingredient developed in conjunction with the University of Reading, UK and other globally recognised research institutes, Bimuno can be added to any food, drink or existing supplement to improve gut health.

Graham Waters, CEO at Clasado Biosciences, said: “In Bimuno we have a truly unique, innovative and patent-protected product to present at SupplySide West. Our understanding of the importance and impact of gut health is growing.

“We now know that the digestive system does not just digest food but it regulates the immune system, influences metabolism, controls inflammation in the body and can even affect mental health. Bimuno is an offering that is clinically proven to offer a wide range of health benefits thanks to it increasing the levels of friendly gut bacteria.”

Clasado will be located at RR170 in the Expo Hall of Mandalay Bay Conference Center.

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