Real world evidence study underlines how prebiotics support gastrointestinal and sleep health

Published: 11-Jan-2024

Further supporting the scientific prowess of prebiotics, Clasado Biosciences announces the publication of a new real world evidence (RWE) study conducted in collaboration with the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology (PCSG) featuring its prebiotic ingredient, Bimuno GOS

Authored by Dr Kevin Barrett and Dr Marion Sloan, the newly published PCSG study provides valuable insights into the real-world positive impact of Bimuno GOS, providing particular focus on common GI symptoms and sleep.

Key findings from the study reveal significant improvements in Quality of Life (QoL) across gastrointestinal health and sleep for participants with diagnosed or self-diagnosed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and sleep disturbances.

Importantly, Bimuno GOS demonstrated outcomes in a real-world setting that complements existing clinical trial data.

Dr Lucien Harthoorn, R&D Director at Clasado, underlines the study's significance, stating: "RWE studies are extremely useful in understanding the effects and benefits of Bimuno GOS."

"Clinical trials are under controlled and ideal conditions, whereas RWE brings insight into how a product can support users in day-to-day use. Bimuno GOS stands out as the most studied prebiotic ingredient of its kind, and this RWE study further strengthens that research."

“The study was conducted with qualitative feedback from more than 1170 Bimuno users."

"For health and nutrition formulators engaged in the development of gut health-supporting products, primarily targeting digestive health, this research will be of interest as it confirms Bimuno GOS as a strong science-backed choice of prebiotic ingredient.”

Dr Marion Sloan, Chair of the PCSG, adds: “There is plenty of research going on into prebiotics, which are non-digestible starchy food substances found in plant-based foods as well as in supplements."

"Evidence is growing that they can significantly improve modulation of the gut microbiome by increasing good gut bacteria and our RWE study is a helpful addition to understanding the positive impact prebiotics can have. Further investigation into the benefits of taking prebiotics for certain GI problems and sleep is surely warranted.”

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