California Prune Board seeks to attract health-conscious consumers in South Korea marketing push

Published: 13-Nov-2023

The California Prune Board (CPB) has launched a major promotional push in South Korea as part of multichannel marketing efforts to highlight the nutritional and taste benefits of California Prunes

The campaign forms part of the CPB’s global awareness strategy to target new and younger audiences looking for a natural and nutritious addition to their diet.

The campaign messaging also underlines the sustainability initiatives at work in California’s prune orchards, with the CPB hoping to appeal to consumers increasingly concerned with the eco-credentials and origin of food purchases.

“Prunes are traditionally enjoyed as a snack by South Korean consumers, with our research revealing six out of 10 shoppers eat prunes once a month or more,” says Esther Ritson-Elliott, CPB’s Director of International Marketing & Communications.

“South Korean consumers show a real desire for healthy foods and an increasing interest in produce grown using sustainable methods. We are keen to realise the market’s full potential by making more consumers aware of the nutritional benefits, versatility and provenance of California Prunes.”

As part of its plans, CPB is working with Seoul-based market development agency TEO to target the trade, healthcare professionals, and consumers.

The strategy leverages PR, advertising and social media alongside a planned appearance at the South Korea Food & Hotel Show in June 2024. 

California Prune Board seeks to attract health-conscious consumers in South Korea marketing push

Meanwhile, the CPB has also renewed its marketing efforts in Japan. The multifaceted campaign is headlined by a TV commercial that demonstrates the everyday benefits of enjoying California Prunes and the positive effects consumption can have on bone and gut health. 

It is the second airing for the advert following its success in early 2023 when it reached more than 100 million consumers. The CPB is also continuing to strengthen its links with trade and healthcare professionals with plans for a stand at the leading international FOODEX show in Tokyo in March 2024. 

Esther concludes: “We know that consumers in both markets already value prunes for their health benefits."

"By establishing strong partnerships with the trade in South Korea and Japan and working creatively on outreach activity via social media influencers and healthcare professionals, we hope to spark even more positive conversations about our nutritious and tasty California Prunes and how they can be enjoyed as part of everyday life.”

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