BioAdaptives launches next generation products for natural health practitioners


The products are more advanced versions of existing nutraceuticals

BioAdaptives launches next generation products for natural health practitioners

BioAdaptives is launching an enhanced product line for holistic healthcare practitioners. The next generation products are more advanced versions of proven existing nutraceuticals with changes to ingredients, dose and/or composition. The company will continue to offer current consumer products to retail customers online: PluriPain, PrimiSleep, PrimiLungs and PrimiCell, plus a nootropic, PluriMind, which will be launched soon. For holistic healthcare practitioners, it will offer “Nu” branded products with enhanced functions in these same areas.

The US market for alternative care goods and services is estimated at approximately $21b in 2021, and the providers include more than one million US-based physical and massage therapists, naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors and other holistic health practitioners.

Dr Edward Jacobs, BioAdaptives’ CEO, stated: “The “Nu” brand products are practitioner-level and intended for use by holistic practitioners and alternative healthcare providers in targeting their clients’ debilitating symptoms, including brain fog, fatigue and sleep disturbances that are both poorly understood and frequently associated with the aftermath of COVID-19 infections.

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"These symptoms are challenging for patients and the professionals who want to help manage their clients’ health needs. Increasingly, professionals are finding success in utilising our products because they contain ingredients that are known to have neuro-protective, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Furthermore, as part of a holistic approach, our products are reported to elevate mood and promote a calming effect.”