Bimuno GOS receives FDA Philippines approval

Published: 14-Jun-2022

Clasado Biosciences has been granted approval from the Food and Drug Administration Philippines for its prebiotic galactoolisaccharide (GOS) ingredient, Bimuno GOS, submitted in collaboration with distribution partner, CTC Group Philippines

Marking the next significant step in the development of prebiotics in functional foods, functional beverages and food supplements in the region, the regulatory agency has granted approval for the powder format of the award-winning prebiotic ingredient, as well as two distinct health claims approved for immediate use in the Philippine market:

  • Bimuno GOS enhances gut health
  • Bimuno GOS helps maintain regularity.

Per Rehné, CEO at Clasado Biosciences, commented: “The global market for prebiotics is set to skyrocket, and the Asia-Pacific region is no exception. Across the board we are seeing consumers get proactive with gut health and the benefits of a well-supported gut microbiome. Naturally as one of the most stable and versatile approaches to gut health formulations, prebiotics are at the top of the agenda for formulators."

“As we continue to build on the momentum of prebiotics around the world, the approval from FDA Philippines gives brands added confidence in Bimuno’s strong scientific backing and quality. It’s the go-to prebiotic ingredient for next-gen health and nutrition products, and this is another way in which we are demonstrating that.”

“Approved health claims offer clarity to the end consumer; adding a layer of trust as to the product’s efficacy” adds Lucie Nagy, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Legal at Clasado Biosciences. “Working with our distribution partner CTC Philippines, we have received approval from FDA Philippines which includes two health claims that importantly, our customers in the region can use on-pack and in marketing collateral."

"As we continue to develop and expand the role of Bimuno GOS, the most studied prebiotic of its kind, approved health claims are essential in translating the substantial scientific evidence behind Bimuno GOS and communicating health benefits to today’s savvy health consumers.”

Increasing the international reach of its award-winning prebiotic ingredient, Clasado Biosciences has a number of distribution agreements in place around the globe.

Partner CTC Group Philippines is a leading name in ingredient supply to the health, nutrition and life science markets throughout the Philippines.

Dee Baterna Antang, Business Unit Head of New Business Development at CTC Group Philippines, commented: “FDA Philippines’ approval for Bimuno GOS, along with two health claims, is another fantastic step forward for the ingredient and for the prebiotic category as a whole.

With the growing popularity of functional foods and food supplements, consumers are looking for products that they can trust to do what they claim. This is precisely what the approval shows, and underlines why the ingredient is included as part of our line-up.

“With the prebiotic market continuing to swell in size, the time is now for brands to explore the value of Bimuno GOS in new product development. Versatile, stable, scientifically backed and now FDA Philippines-approved, Bimuno GOS also benefits from a low efficacious dose to make it a cost-effective choice for formulators in our market.”

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