Big protein, small bottle


Arla Foods Ingredients to launch Protein Extreme whey shot concept

A new concept from Arla Foods Ingredients will offer manufacturers the opportunity to create the first protein shot made exclusively with whey as a protein source.

The Protein Extreme concept packs 20 g of high quality whey protein into a convenient 100 mL, low-calorie serving.

Arla Foods Ingredients will showcase the concept at SupplySide West to demonstrate that it is possible to create high-protein shots exclusively with whey.

Despite recent growth in global launches of protein drinks, no such product currently exists.

Anne Louise Friis, Sales Development Manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “As our new concept demonstrates, it is possible to get a huge amount of high-quality whey protein into a small shot."

There is currently a gap in the market for a protein shot made exclusively with whey, so this is a great opportunity for differentiation. Manufacturers who take advantage of it will be able to create ready-to-drink products that stand out from the competition and appeal to people on-the-go, as well as athletes.”

Protein Extreme is made with Lacprodan HYDRO.365 – Arla Food Ingredients’ high-quality whey protein hydrolysate.

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Developed to meet the needs of athletes and gym-goers, it helps speed up muscle recovery after exercise owing to its superior amino acid composition and fast absorption rate.

It is also pH-flexible, allowing a range of application options, and UHT-stable, allowing easy production on a standard UHT line.

Each 100 mL (3.4 oz) ready-to-drink serving contains only 98 Kcal. Lacprodan HYDRO.365 provides four significant on-pack claim opportunities: high in protein, high in calcium, fat-free and no added sugar.

Arla Foods Ingredients will showcase Protein Extreme on booth 1252 at SupplySide West, which takes place on 8–9 November in Las Vegas.

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Also on display will be Lacprodan TexturePro, the company’s 100% whey ingredient that ensures protein bars remain soft until the very end of their shelf-life.