Barrington Nutritionals introduces Sibelius: Sage to US marketplace

Published: 5-Dec-2018

Barrington Nutritionals, a leader and supplier of a diverse portfolio of excipients and ingredients, introduces its newest natural extract Sibelius: Sage

Sibelius: Sage is a rapidly emerging ingredient in the cognitive health space and has been clinically shown to benefit cognitive performance within the first hour of taking the recommended dose.

Sibelius: Sage is a high-quality natural ingredient derived from a proprietary, non-GMO cultivar of sage (Salvia officinalis L.) and is one of two sage species with proven cognitive benefits.

Clinical testing of Sibelius: Sage has demonstrated immediate cognitive improvement for healthy senior volunteers in the area of memory, focus and attention.

Additional benefits in cognitive performance and mood from S. officinalis have also been published for younger cohorts (18–35 years) and are actively being investigated at Sibelius Natural Products.

“We are living in a world in which lifespan has been increasing at close to 2 years per decade; but, despite this, our healthspan, the time we remain relatively healthy and free from disease, has not shown the same sort of increase,” said Kieron Edwards, Scientific Director at Sibelius Natural Products.

“As we age, our cognitive function declines, so an ingredient that can help to counteract some of this decline is very exciting. What makes Sibelius: Sage unique, is that participants in our clinical study experienced cognitive benefits in as quickly as 1 hour, with effects lasting for up to 6 hours.”

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Sibelius: Sage is cultivated in South East England at a family owned farm and is scientifically tested using Sibelius Natural Products’ patented Chronoscreen platform.

Chronoscreen enables the exploration of the biological activity of natural ingredients and products.

This profiling platform enables the rapid identification and qualification of new natural ingredients and sources, optimised formulations, as well as the potential biological effects on human health. The data derived from Chronoscreen allows for more focused clinical trials around specific health concerns and faster product development.

“Sibelius has developed a proprietary extract from sage that offers consumers a safe and natural solution for brain-boosting benefits,” said Chris Holland, VP of Sales at Barrington Nutritionals.

“Sibelius: Sage is an emerging ingredient within the healthy ageing marketplace and we are thrilled to offer this clinically validated herbal extract to US manufacturers.”

Sibelius: Sage can currently be found in a range of health supplements around the world including Sibelius: Sage for Seniors, Essential Nutrition: Sibelius Sage, and Bioglan’s Focus and Recall.

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