Sibelius is now Stratum Nutrition's sole ingredients distributor in the UK

Published: 3-Jul-2024

Sibelius will be responsible for the distribution of Stratum's eggshell membrane joint health ingredient, NEM — as well as its cognition-boosting sage ingredient, sage

Stratum Nutrition, a functional ingredients provider for human and pet health, has signed a distribution agreement with Sibelius Natural Products.

The deal means Sibelius will be the sole distributer of Stratum’s sage extract for cognitive health and NEM, an eggshell membrane ingredient for joint health within the UK.



NEM is derived from the inner membrane of chicken eggshells, which naturally contain nutrients such as collagen, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. 

These functional ingredients can work together to support joint health, and are designed for incorporation into supplements for this wellness aspect.



Stratum’s sage extract is a Saliva officinalis extract designed to assist in memory retention.

The extract contains high levels of rosmarinic acid, the bioactive compound present in sage that is responsible for its cognitive benefits.


“Stratum is thrilled to partner with Sibelius for distribution of NEM and sage in the UK market,” said Senior Director of Global Sales at Stratum, Chris Haynes. “Stratum just completed a purchase of Sibelius:Sage ingredient, and with this exclusive agreement, we can continue to utilise Sibelius’ UK market expertise.”
“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Stratum as the UK distributor for sage and their flagship ingredient — NEM — under Oxford Natural Products,” adds CEO of Sibelius, Peter Leyland. “Following the successful sale of Sibelius:Sage to Stratum earlier this year, we are excited to collaborate with them as we both work towards meeting consumers' needs with natural and clinically proven ingredients.

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