BGG completes beauty-from-within clinical trial

Published: 17-Jun-2020

ApplePhenon has been shown to alleviate UV-induced skin reddening in healthy women in a clinical trial

BGG World has announced that a new clinical trial was completed and published in the journal Nutrients on the internal skin health and beauty-from-within benefits of ApplePhenon. (ApplePhenon is a patented product that results from extensive scientific research including 17 clinical studies demonstrating seven different health benefits.)

The registered study done in Japan was randomised, double-blind and placebo-controlled and examined the effect of ApplePhenon on skin health in 59 healthy women over 12 weeks at two dosages of 300 mg and 600 mg per day. The research found four distinct statistically significant benefits:

  • Reduction in skin reddening (sunburn) after UV irradiation of the treatment groups versus the placebo group measured as the delta increase in redness
  • Significantly lower delta increase in melanin formation after UV irradiation in the treatment groups versus the placebo group
  • Less skin darkening due to UV irradiation in the treatment groups versus placebo measured as the delta increase in darkness

In addition, the study analysed the effect of ApplePhenon on the generation of superoxide radicals. Results indicated that all of the oligomer fractions present in ApplePhenon strongly inhibited the generation of superoxide radicals, demonstrating that ApplePhenon has SOD-like antioxidant activity

These results indicate an internal sunscreen effect and antioxidant protection by ApplePhenon in the skin of healthy women. "In the current study, ApplePhenon oral administration was effective in inhibiting pigmentation by UV irradiation," said Yanmei Li, Global Chief Scientific Officer for BGG. "This is the second clinical study showing that ApplePhenon may be effective as a complementary support for healthy skin."

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