BGG announces astaxanthin water-dispersible emulsion for drinks using Dispersa technology

Published: 12-Oct-2018

BGG and its affiliates — Solix Algredients and Algae Health Sciences (AlgaeHealth) — have announced that their flagship product, AstaZine Natural Astaxanthin, has been released in a perfectly water-dispersible emulsion form for use in drink applications

This product features a new technological platform trademarked as Dispersa that will be used for other BGG products in the future.

This innovative technology resolves two key complications that are common in competitive “water-dispersible” astaxanthin products: ineffective dispersion in water applications and residual staining of consumers’ mouths and packaging containers.

“We’ve seen competitive products claiming to be water-dispersible that have sedimentation and suspended particles after mixing,” said Lixin Ding, PhD, General Manager of BGG North America.

“Astaxanthin using Dispersa technology is completely transparent and stable with time, with no aggregation, sedimentation or suspension of astaxanthin.”

This product was developed in Switzerland under the direction of BGG Europe’s CEO, Christian Artaria, who decided to begin with astaxanthin because of a lack of performance in this category.

“We’re extremely enthusiastic about this state-of-the-art development,” said Mr Artaria.

“Astaxanthin is an ideal ingredient for several different applications that lend themselves to a drinkable delivery method, such as sports drinks and antiageing health shots. Now we can offer a truly suitable solution for pioneering brands to bring the benefits of astaxanthin to their consumers in drinkable form.”

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