Arla overcomes whey beverage gelation

By Sophie Bullimore | Published: 19-Feb-2019

Whey ingredient supplier has produced a low-volume drink with high protein that will not degrade in unstable temperatures conditions

A new concept from Arla Foods Ingredients is set to take on the challenges of producing high-quality whey protein beverages for medical purposes. The prototype beverage packs 10 g of protein into a 100 ml shot, apt for patients who need plenty of protein in a low-volume nutritional treatment.

As an excellent source of essential amino acids and leucine, whey protein is increasingly in demand in the medical nutrition market. However, the production of high-protein whey beverages comes with challenges: They can gel over time, taste can be compromised and, if the ingredient is not heat-stable, processing equipment can be blocked.

Danish-based Arla Foods Ingredients has created a beverage prototype that it claims overcomes these challenges, a low-volume (100 ml), ready-to-drink, high-protein nutritional supplement.

The product was developed for medical nutrition manufacturers, it is UHT-stable and delivers 10% protein content, all of which comes from whey. It also contains added minerals according to Food for special medical purposes rules.

The concept utilises Arla Foods Ingredients’ Lacprodan DI-7325, a high-quality whey ingredient specially designed for medical nutrition. Formulated for good taste, Lacprodan DI-7325 is suitable for beverages containing minerals, and maintains good viscosity (with no gelation over time) as well as good heat stability.

Low-volume, high protein medical beverages made with Lacprodan DI-7325 can carry on-pack labels, such as 100% of the protein from whey, UHT-stable, kosher and halal.

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