Aker BioMarine expands krill product portfolio with protein isolate

Published: 21-Jan-2021

As consumers continue to look at reducing their meat and dairy intake, marine derived sources, like Invi, may be a valuable alternative to conventional protein sources, Aker suggests

Aker BioMarine is launching a hydrolysed protein isolate for food and beverage applications called Invi.

Invi is suitable for incorporation into powder and ready-to-drink beverages, as well as food and beverage applications for brands looking to grow their product portfolio with a sustainable protein source.

Aker says Invi boasts attributes such as, rapid absorption, excellent solubility, a high mineral composition and a well-balanced amino acid profile. It features an average protein purity above 90% and a complete amino acid profile. Invi has also been enzymatically hydrolysed into predigested peptides, which promotes rapid uptake into the body and better mixability into beverages.

Further, the protein isolate is heat-stable, allowing for high temperature processing and minimal end-product precipitation. Its high water-binding capacity can provide smoother texture and moistness to end-applications, from clear protein concentrates to bars.

Invi also contains naturally occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which may allow for structure/function claims for end products.

“In order to help meet the future food demands for the world’s growing population and to provide alternatives to land-based food production, we need to look at the oceans for innovative solutions and opportunities,” said Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker BioMarine. “Sustainable operations have been at the heart of Aker BioMarine since its inception, and we believe that the health of the planet should be as important as, and naturally linked to, the health of an individual. Based on all of this, we feel that Invi is the answer and our ambition is to produce 5000 metric tons of INVI for our partners looking to shape the future of the protein market.”

Invi Protein will carry the same certifications (Marine Stewardship Council and Non-GMO) as all of Aker’s krill products. and will adhere to the same high-quality standards. The company is finalising and will soon start to prepare the FDA GRAS (generally recognised as safe) notice for the protein.

“Five years ago, we set a goal to launch a best-in-class protein ingredient and I am excited to announce that we have reached this milestone with the launch of Invi,” said Johansen.

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