ACG to showcase capsules and engineering solutions at SSW

Published: 8-Nov-2018

ACG’s Engineering business will showcase the Fluidocap 1000 and offer visitors the chance to take a VR ride through the world of capsule manufacturing at Booth #2043, Supply Side West

ACG, the only supplier in the world offering end-to-end manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical industries, will be exhibiting its wide range of engineering and capsules solutions at this year’s Supply Side West, Las Vegas. At ACG’s booth, visitors will be able to see the synergies created with coupling ACG’s capsules and engineering products, thereby leveraging the many benefits of integrated manufacturing.

ACG Capsules will be showcasing a wide range of liquid fill capsules, HPMC capsules, and clean label products all under the ‘ACGCcaps’ name. Apart from being suitable for moisture-sensitive formulation, ACG’s wide range of HPMC capsules also offer superior heat stability with no cross-linking issues with the formulation while meeting standards of Vegetarian society U.K., Certified Vegan, Non-GMO, Star ‘K’ Kosher and Halal. ACG Capsules also offers HPMC solutions including ACGcaps H+, Next-Gen HPMC capsules to enhance product performance and Time-Delayed release HPMC capsules for effective drug delivery.

For nutraceutical companies looking for an exceptional solution for their liquid encapsulation needs, ACG Capsules’ liquid fill solution will also be displayed at the expo. The liquid encapsulation machine also allows the brands to enhance their identity on the capsule with customised printing, band sealing, and taste and odour masking of formulations.

ACG’s Engineering business will showcase the Fluidocap 1000 - a semi-automatic liquid filling machine considered ideal for R&D scale. This compact machine can perform both filling and sealing operations and can handle formulations with a viscosity ranging from 80 cps to 80000 cps, including pastes, hot melts and thixotropic formulations. Further, it can be used to fill a large variety of capsules from sizes 00 to four. Both gelatin and HPMC capsule can be filled using this machine. The machine has an output of 1000 capsules/hour.

Mr. Anil Andrade, Business Head, North America said: “Being the world’s only integrated manufacturing solutions provider for the Pharma and the Nutra industry, ACG firmly believes in partnering with its customers and providing exceptional solutions for their manufacturing needs. Right from the R&D stage to manufacturing product at industrial-scale, customers will find ACG as their committed partner in the entire product manufacturing cycle.”

Using the immersive technology, a unique virtual reality dream ride is also arranged at the exhibition which will take the visitors through the world of capsule manufacturing.

Visitors are invited to attend a knowledge session by Mr. Justin Kalafat, Scientific Business Development Manager, ACG North America, on ‘HPMC Capsules: Endless Possibilities for Dietary Supplements’. Mr. Kalafat will discuss the varied applications of HPMC capsules for nutraceutical applications, formulation suitability and the influence of consumer lifestyle preferences.

Visit ACG at Booth #2043.

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