New microbiome functional food from Yakult Korea hits the market

Published: 1-Apr-2019

MPRO3 contains probiotics, prebiotics and new flavonoid MicrobiomeX, synergising to enhance digestive and immune health

Yakult Korea, the functional food manufacturer in Korea, has introduced a new dual-function intestinal health care food product ‘MPRO3’ to the Korean market. The new product utilises the ingredient MicrobiomeX from Netherlands-based BioActor.

After extensive research, encapsulated probiotics and liquid prebiotics were packed in an MPRO3 bottle. 'Probiotics', MicrobiomeX and 'Prebiotics' work together in a synergistic way to enhance the healthy function of the intestine. Probiotic content of the MPRO3 was created, using three different kinds of patented lactic acid bacteria.

MicrobiomeX is a natural ingredient, consisting of specific active flavonoids.

The ingredient has a dual mode of action, whereby the flavonoids are firstly acting as a substrate for specific butyrate producing microbes in the gut and thus improving the gut microbiome composition and enhancing the gut barrier. Secondly, the active (metabolised) flavonoids of MicrobiomeX lower the gut inflammation and support the immune system.

These flavonoids are usually found in foods such as cocoa, citrus fruits and tea and the presence of them means MPRO3 optimises digestive health and enhances the immune system, leading it to be coined a flavobiotic.

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