BioActor releases clinical results for gut and brain health ingredients

Published: 25-Apr-2022

MicrobiomeX is a citrus flavonoids complex supporting gut health and immunity. Brainberry is a unique Aronia berry extract targeting brain fitness

At Vitafoods Europe 2022, BioActor will welcome visitors at booth F140 to share results of the latest clinical study results on its MicrobiomeX and Brainberry ingredients.

The Dutch nutraceutical ingredient developer has recently concluded two clinical trials. One on MicrobiomeX, a citrus flavonoid-based product for gut health & immunity and one on Brainberry, an Aronia Melanocarpa ingredient in the brain fitness space.

MicrobiomeX – flavobiotics for gut health & immunity

MicrobiomeX is a first-in-class ‘flavobiotic’ that combines active ingredients extracted from Citrus sinensis and Citrus paradisi. The complex has been specifically designed to support gut and immune health by beneficially modulating the gut microbiome composition, lowering inflammation, and strengthening the gut barrier.

The ingredient is an alternative to common prebiotics and an ideal ingredient for synbiotic formulations, as it has shown to be highly stable and exert a synergistic effect in combination with probiotics.

Brainberry - Aronia berry extract for brain fitness

Brainberry is an Aronia berry extract, standardised for high levels of cyanidin-3-O galactoside. This nootropic ingredient is clinically validated to improve focus and psychomotor control at a dose of 65 mg.

The active cyanidins contained in the ingredient are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and trigger an increase in acetylcholine and brain-derived neurotrophic factor, thereby improving neuronal signalling and overall brain health.

Brainberry is a suitable addition to brain health and eye health formulas, as well as sports and e-sports nutrition solutions.

BioActor’s portfolio of nutraceutical ingredients

Additional ingredients researched, developed and marketed by BioActor are:

  • Actiful - orange and pomegranate complex for active living, energy and vitality
  • Bonolive - olive leaf extract supporting women’s health (bones & joints)
  • Naxus - prebiotic arabinoxylan from wheat for immune support and glycaemic control
  • Olecol - olive leaf extract for cholesterol management
  • WATTS'UP - Citrus sinensis extract for sports performance (strength and endurance)
  • Cordiart - Citrus sinensis extract for cardiovascular health
  • Interested readers can book a meeting via or visit it at booth F140. The company can also be reached on LinkedIn.

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