New concentrated protein gel opens up expansion opportunities

Published: 15-Apr-2020

FrieslandCampina Ingredients, the global innovator in healthy and functional ingredients, has unveiled a new high concentration protein gel concept that “could be a game-changer” for sports nutrition brands

Formulated with the company’s renowned Nutri Whey Isolate Clear, the application not only provides up to 15% protein content in a small, convenient portion, but also enables unique flexibility in the end product’s format – from squeezable pouches to spoonable pots.

The concept aligns perfectly with many trends dominating the sports nutrition market, including single-serve and snackification, consumption on the go and compacting – with one serving able to supply the same amount of premium quality protein as a 500 mL RTD beverage.

“This is a really exciting development,” comments Vicky Davies, Global Marketing Director, Performance and Active Nutrition at FrieslandCampina Ingredients.

“With the mainstreaming of performance nutrition, demand is growing for high protein supplements and snacks that fit within a busy lifestyle – so with little or no preparation and designed for fast consumption. This ‘conveniently nutritious’ trend was clearly visible in our recent global research with FMCG Gurus into the evolving sports nutrition sector.”

In a fast-growing, increasingly diverse and crowded market, it has become vital to anticipate the most influential consumer drivers and quickly develop products that respond to them.

At the same time, offering variety and ensuring optimal taste are vital to securing repeat purchase and brand loyalty.

The transparency of the new formulation, its adaptable viscosity and clean, neutral taste profile mean manufacturers have significant power to extend their portfolios in terms of format, flavour and nutritional density.

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