New Cognitive Support softgel featuring Neumentix Spearmint Phenolic Complex

Published: 7-Nov-2019

Catalent's white paper on its unique new supplement featuring Neumentix Spearmint Phenolic Complex, is now available to download

Cognitive impairment can manifest itself in varying forms and degrees. While memory, learning, and/or concentrating may be challenges for many, some may experience more devastating symptoms like struggling to make decisions affecting everyday life.

Aging is a primary factor that raises the risk of cognitive impairment, but stress and sleep deprivation can also increase the likelihood of cognitive health issues arising down the road1.

Leveraging Catalent’s expert formulation and dose design capabilities, Kemin Industries has developed a new to the segment nutritional supplement, which includes their proprietary phenolic complex Neumentix derived from spearmint.

Click here to download the white paper.



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