LENOID: the medical device for haemorrhoids’ symptoms relief

Published: 16-Mar-2021

LENOID is a drug-free cream (medical device class IIa) indicated for the treatment of HD symptoms, such as pain, itching and burning

Haemorrhoidal disease (HD) is one of the most common anorectal disorder affecting millions of people worldwide and epidemiological data reveals that its prevalence is increasing among adult population; obesity, sedentary lifestyle and pregnancy may represent risk factors of developing the disease.

HD is associated with troublesome symptoms including pain, itching, irritation, burning, discomfort and bleeding which negatively affect patients’ quality of life. Mild symptoms are typically managed with NSAIDs or cream containing steroids or lidocaine, associated to dietary and lifestyle modifications; surgery is mainly indicated for high-graded internal haemorrhoids or in case less invasive treatments have failed.

LENOID is a drug-free cream (medical device class IIa) indicated for the treatment of HD symptoms i.e. pain, itching and burning both in case of internal and external haemorrhoids.

Due to the synergistic action of its functional components, LENOID forms a protective barrier and exerts a soothing, protective and refreshing action. In particular, VGF, derived from rice, forms a protective layer and hydrates the mucosa providing relief from pain and itching. Limnanthes alba seed oil and Shea butter, protect tissues and lubricate the anal canal. Finally, hyaluronic acid improves moisture, protects the tissue and enhances regeneration of perianal epithelium.

Clinical effectiveness and safety of LENOID medical device were assessed by a randomised, double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial on 60 patients with symptomatic first and second-degree HD. Patients were instructed to use either LENOID or placebo twice a day for 2 weeks; medical examinations were performed after 7 and 14 days of treatment. Results revealed that LENOID cream reduces pain, itching (fig. 1), as well as oedema and congestion and, therefore, may represent an effective, safe and well tolerated remedy for the symptomatic treatment of mild and moderate HD.

LENOID: the medical device for haemorrhoids’ symptoms relief

For a complete daily intimate hygiene, LENOID line include also:

LENOID foam (cosmetic) Specially formulated foam recommended for daily perianal cleaning. Thanks to its lenitive, refreshing and soothing effects, it is particularly indicated in case of minor discomfort caused by haemorrhoids. Key ingredient: white curcumin extract.

LENOID wipes (cosmetic) Individually wrapped wipes designed to clean, calm and soothe irritated skin of perianal area. Key ingredients include Aloe vera, Malva sylvestris and Curcuma longa.

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