IHS to share product developments at Vitafoods

Published: 26-Apr-2022

Consumer focus and interest in health consciousness are increasing, together with the preference for “fresher” fruit flavours. To find out more visit International Science Health at Vitafoods Europe 2022, booth D80

Every year, Vitafoods Europe brings together the global nutraceutical community to collaborate, connect and do business together. International Health Science, part of Biofarma Group since December 2021, is pleased to present and share its new ideas and developments for the nutraceutical and medical device industry directly from nutraceutical future market. Come and see International Health Science at stand D80 to discover the latest updates.

MENTAL HEALTH / Feeding minds

The brain is the platform for the mind and therefore the platform for our mental health. We know that the brain is made up in large part of essential fatty acids, water and other nutrients. We know that food affects how we feel, think and behave. In fact, we know that dietary supplements may hold the key to a number of the mental health challenges that our society is facing. Biofarma group presents a series of products to offer an immediate support in case of sleep, anxiety and mood disorders. The time is now right for supplements to become a mainstream, everyday component of mental health care.

WOMEN'S HEALTH / A universe to be protected

Women’s health represents a universe to be protected: as we age, good health is compromised by the reduction of some physiological functions, which diminishes the ability to absorb nutrients. The need for hydration increases, visible from the skin that undergoes a progressive loss of tone and elasticity, the immune system weakens, the process of cellular aging accelerates, the sleep cycle changes significantly and menopause puts a strain on the psyche as well as on the organism. Biofarma group has developed a wide range of products dedicated to women to meet the needs arising from the natural biological cycle.

KIDS' HEALTH / Growing well in a changing world

Each year, from the age of one to adolescence, a child typically grows 1 to 2 cm taller and about 5 kg heavier. During this period, children spontaneously vary their food intakes to match their growth patterns. Steady growth during childhood implies a gradual increase in the need for all vitamins and minerals.

Biofarma Group has developed a range of products to support children’s growth at different times: daily supplements intake can provide a “nutritional insurance policy” against nutrient deficiency and inadequacy.

GASTROENTEROLOGY / Gut health goes beyond digestion

Stomach and intestines are our “second brain”: the enteric system is affected by our lifestyle, our habits and external stress to which it responds with different symptoms. Bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and everyday worries can cause heartburn, abdominal pain, bloating and meteorism, diarrhea, digestive difficulties and constipation. Biofarma group will present a series of products able to offer an effective treatment for all cases of upper and lower gastrointestinal tract disorders.

BEAUTY / Beauty goes Natural

People are called to interpret numerous and diversified social roles in dynamic and stressful contexts, facing tiredness, intense rhythms, changes in lifestyle and food requirements. These and many other factors may require the intervention of specific products to support the physiological well-being of the person. Biofarma group has developed a wide range of beauty products to meet both the needs determined by lifestyle and the needs that arise from natural biological cycle.

FUNCTIONAL FOOD & DRINKS / Looking for more added benefits

Consumer focus and interest in health consciousness are increasing, together with the preference for “fresher” fruit flavours. Consumers will be looking for more functional food & drinks that claim to help people focus, relax and relieve emotional health concerns. Immunity will be everyone’s focus as people wish to keep a strong immune system throughout the pandemic. Biofarma group has developed a complete range of functional food & drinks different in packaging, form and intended use, to meet current market trends.

IMMUNE SYSTEM / Immunity is more important today than ever before

With the immune system changing as we get older, it is essential to look for ways to improve the responses to infections and diseases on an individual basis – particularly when the immune system is either immature or declining with age. Research related to the potential role of nutrition in supporting the body’s defense mechanism is currently ongoing. Our group has developed a series of products to well support specific requirements for each age group.

CLINICAL STUDIES / Products supported by clinical studies for validated and certified innovation

Our contribution to innovation takes the form of ongoing research and analysis of new materials and development of new formulations that translate into exclusive, customised solutions for our clients. Conducting clinical studies allows us to develop products with tested and validated effectiveness, to provide our clients with ready-to-market products for the different therapeutic areas.


Biofarma Group’s consolidated experience in ready-to-market products

Our market trend analysis expertise and know-how, combined with on-going partnerships with leading research centres, have allowed us to develop medical devices that we produce under private label manufacturing and in-/out-licensing agreements. These products are an embodiment of our vocation to developing highly-innovative products that guarantee our clients success.

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