Lallemand launches unique organic version of probiotic yeast

Published: 10-Jan-2023

This innovative positioning for S. boulardii creates new opportunities for consumers looking to make conscious buying choices

Lallemand Health Solutions has launched the first and unique organic version of probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii to mark the hundredth anniversary of its discovery.

Consumers take pride in participating in sustainable development and this can be expressed in the responsible purchases they make, showing a strong preference for brands that align with their own beliefs. FMCG GURUS highlights that 48% of global consumers are willing to spend more money for an organic product most of the time or all the time.

Our research and development team has done all the necessary pilot-scale tests

“Lallemand Health Solutions is proud to be offering this exclusive innovation. We have revamped this classic probiotic yeast to meet modern market trends,” said Romane Maillet, product manager for the gut health portfolio at Lallemand Health Solutions and probiotic yeast expert.


Unlike bacteria, yeast is a plant fungus that grows from organic agricultural nutrients, so it is the only probiotic that can be certified organic. Knowing that, from seed to shelf, organic agriculture promotes communities’ health by safeguarding biodiversity and protecting local environments and their inhabitants, it gives organic S. boulardii a competitive edge when compared to probiotic bacteria in the organic marketspace. Throughout the whole certification process, supply-chain transparency, and consumers’ confidence are ensured by a rigorous third-party verification program, following European organic regulation. As a living microorganism, organic S. boulardii is produced with carefully selected organic raw ingredients in optimised manufacturing conditions.

“Lallemand Health Solutions offers organic S. boulardii as powder, and it is available as pure organic ingredient for use in organic dietary supplements. Our research and development team has done all the necessary pilot-scale tests to ensure a shelf-life stability of 24 months at 25° Celsius with a concentration set at 20 billion CFU/gram,” continued Maillet.

Since a century now, used as dietary food and supplements, probiotic yeast S. boulardii remains the most widely studied (documented in over 100 clinical studies) and used yeast for its gut health benefits. Sold in over 100 countries, S. boulardii is a safe and reliable probiotic, suitable for both children and adults.


Probiotics are renowned for maintaining gut barrier integrity, which helps ease lifestyle-induced gut discomfort, and occasional constipation. A converging body of clinical evidence suggests probiotics promote digestive comfort and gut transit in all healthy population groups, from babies to pregnant women to older adults. By supporting the body’s natural defenses, probiotic use is correlated with a reduction of risks that may be associated to sporadic gastro-intestinal dysbiosis, such as those that can occur when lifestyle habits change (e.g., while traveling or after an antibiotic regimen).

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