Infield Market announces partnership with CK Nutraceuticals for Deep Ocean Minerals

Published: 28-Sep-2018

CK Nutraceuticals joins Infield Market’s IM direct membership platform to make available a cutting-edge, mineral-derived raw material innovation to the health and wellness, food, beverage and nutraceutical industries

Infield Market, a leading B2B e-commerce ingredient marketplace, is pleased to announce a collaborative effort with CK Nutraceuticals for their IM Direct platform.

Their aim is to elevate the visibility of Deep Ocean Minerals, an innovative mineral-derived raw material, within the high-potential US market.

Deep Ocean Minerals is a standardised science-based natural mineral concentrate manufactured from geographically protected ocean water and harvested at a minimum 600 m below sea level.

A patented and environmentally friendly extraction system is used to draw from the site, allowing direct access to the deep ocean water — which is free from all contaminants or impurities — while keeping surrounding sea life safe.

These clinically studied mineral concentrates from deep ocean water promise to deliver the purest combination of synergistic minerals and trace elements optimal for overall health.

The composition of Deep Ocean Minerals mimics the body’s natural mineral profile of sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, and studies, including human clinical trials, have shown that the consumption

  1. maintains equilibrium balance – because the mineral composition is similar to our bodies when in equilibrium, DOM facilitates the maintenance of optimum cellular fluid levels to keep our pH in check
  2. boosts endurance – improvements to sports performance and muscle recovery
  3. improves vitality – benefits of magnesium and optimal hydration can impact overall vitality and ageing.

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“When we became aware that CK Nutraceuticals was looking to expand its footprint in the US market, I knew this was an opportunity not to be missed,” says Tim Intfen, cofounder and President of Infield Market.

“The CK Nutraceuticals offering represents an important new category emerging in a variety of health and wellness, food and beverage, nutraceutical and more specifically sports nutrition markets."

"They have had a number of major nutraceutical companies evaluate and review Deep Ocean Minerals in addition to some promising clinical studies related to athletic recovery."

"Consumer demand is ever evolving in our industry and it has become essential for us to co-evolve. With categories such as hydration and antiageing as front-runners of both consumer demand and in our industry, we’re excited to make the Deep Ocean Minerals innovation available to a broader audience.”

“We’re excited about the opportunity to align with Infield Market, to extend our reach with DOM within the lucrative US market,” remarked Michael Chernyak, President of CK Nutraceuticals.

“Infield Market has made a meaningful difference in the industry. The knowledge behind their innovative platform, not to mention their success selling premium ingredients via a transparent marketplace, drew us to them."

"They bring ingredients closer to the decision maker, which appeals very much to us. We look forward to working collaboratively with Infield Market to continue to meet evolving market demands for innovative science-backed products.”

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