HERZA Schokolade: classic chocolate indulgence and vegan alternatives

Published: 8-Jan-2024

High-end flavour, healthy indulgence and sustainability are strong drivers in the confectionery market

With four new lines of chocolate pieces in organic quality, HERZA Schokolade meets current trends. At BIOFACH 2024 in Nuremberg visitors can try these specialities for ice cream, muesli, porridge, snacks and garnishes at the joint booth of the state of Schleswig-Holstein (booth 9-335).

The NobleChoc Collection for maximum indulgence

High-quality ingredients meet classic formulations: in the development of the NobleChoc range, HERZA went for flavours that are especially popular these days.

The result is six noble combinations with traditional components such as caramel, nougat, and coffee. The leaves of gently melting caramel chocolate with caramelised crunchy bits of coconut flower sugar are perfect for staging ice cream, muesli, porridge, and snack products, whether as inclusions or garnishes.

The same goes for the creamy leaves of finely rolled milk chocolate with caramelised milk powder. For summery, fruity accents there are the chopped pieces of yogurt chocolate with strawberry bits and a touch of vanilla.

More intense flavour is offered by the soft leaves of dark chocolate with a strong cocoa note, accentuated by a pinch of sea salt. The mocha chocolate leaves with their high coffee content and crunchy roasted coffee pieces give ice cream, muesli, or snack products a special note.

Nut lovers will love the chips of milk chocolate with nougat and an extra portion of hazelnut paste.

PureChoc Perfection: Reduced sugar, original flavour, vegan

For vegan products with clean label or natural images, the PureChoc Perfection line offers a selection of chocolate pieces for many applications. The six different organic products are free from refined sugar, milk products, and grain.

They feature a natural flavour that makes them a perfect fit with what consumers want right now: Pure, authentic indulgence, not too sweet, and definitely vegan. For example, the organic orange leaves have only two ingredients – cocoa mass and orange oil.

The other chocolate pieces are based on a preparation of cocoa mass and cocoa butter, which is then individually seasoned with spices like cinnamon or cardamom, vanilla and tonka bean, or chili. In the organic chips, mocha paste gives a fine coffee note.

Caramel Dreams for individual expectations

Caramel remains one of the most popular flavours. With three organic leaf versions, HERZA goes all-in for caramel indulgence with a good conscience. For a strong note there are the caramel chocolate leaves sweetened with natural coconut flower sugar.

For a mild caramel flavour there are leaves sweetened with cane sugar. The third product is designed for vegans. These leaves of caramel cocoa-butter glaze have a natural sweetness from date powder, while oat powder stands in for milk.

Vegan Milky Choc Delights: leaves, pieces and chips with various milk replacements

Vegan products are more and more important in the confectionery market. HERZA already presented two vegan organic products as alternatives to milk chocolate at BIOFACH 2023.

Now the range has been extended. Alongside protein powder from sunflower seeds, oat powder and tiger nut flour are used as milk replacements. Together with cocoa butter glaze, all three types of vegan pieces offer alternatives to milk chocolate in organic quality, with a mild, sweet, creamy flavour.

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