Health Canada reviews phytoceramide ingredient for 'beauty from within' claims

Published: 26-May-2022

The regulatory body has reviewed Japan's Oryza group's rice extract ingredient for skin health benefits

Health Canada has reviewed Oryza's phytoceramide ingredient and authorised its recommended health claims.

The natural products marketplace has seen a significant increase in beauty-positioned dietary supplements over the past few years as consumers seek a "beauty from within" solution to healthier skin. As consumers look to stave off ageing, natural ingredients have risen to the forefront of skin health management with collagen and ceramides leading the way.

Gluten free and extracted from rice by Japan's Oryza group, CeraLOK is the crème de la crème of phytoceramide offerings in the ingredient marketplace. Rich in glucosyl ceramides, CeraLOK is supported by statistically significant published human studies supporting potential claims for moisturising and skin hydration.

Health Canada weighs in

Health Canada has reviewed these studies and the Canadian health authority authorised the following health claims for CeraLOK Rice Ceramide Powder for use in Canada:

  • Helps support skin hydration for the maintenance of healthy skin.
  • Helps maintain healthy skin hydration.
  • Helps support skin health.

The authorised use of these health claims is based on a daily dose of 40 milligrams.

"Both the Oryza and Anderson groups are thrilled to have Oryza's decades of efforts and research recognised by the authorities of Health Canada," said Russ Anderson, President of Anderson Advanced Ingredients. "This stamp of approval gives further credibility to the health claims granted by Japan's Ministry of Health a few years ago: Studies indicate that rice derived glucosyl ceramides help to maintain and protect moisture in skin."

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