GREENSEA invests in additional capacity

Published: 16-Sep-2016

A pioneer in plant biotechnology, GREENTECH develops and produces high-tech active ingredients from plant, marine and microbial sources

GREENSEA, the marine subsidiary of GREENTECH, has been producing microalgae and algae extracts since 1988 and has recently invested in a new production tool to make liquid and soft extracts.

GREENSEA is located by the Etang de Thau near the Mediterranean basin and its daily production capacity now reaches nearly 1000L of liquid extracts and 150kg of soft extracts. GREENSEA can therefore meet the growing requests of its partners.

This new capacity adds to the production of 70,000L of microalgae beforehand, and to the tangential filtering and subsequent chromatography, allowing the fractionation of extracts and the purification of active biomolecules afterwards.

Jean-Paul Cadoret, Director, GREENSEA, says: 'It was necessary to invest in our infrastructures after hiring employees in R&D. We have invested nearly half a million Euros and this is the start of an investment plan spanning more than 3 years. We are still leaders in the production of microalgae, as well as in the field of metabolic orientation in France, with more than 28 years of experience. Our goal is to remain in the top few companies in Europe.'

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