Gnosis crispy nutritional yeast wins at Vitafoods awards

Published: 21-Dec-2021

A video presentation is now available to highlight the benefits of Noochy Crisp

Noochy Crisp, an extruded nutritional yeast product from Gnosis by Lesaffre, was rewarded Best Tasting Functional Food during Vitafoods Europe 2021.

The product aims to provide consumers a novel way to enjoy nutritional yeast thanks to the crispy texture. The product can be spread as topping on salads and soups or incorporate into health bars.

With a nutritional profile that scored an ‘A’ on the Nutri-Score scale, the product is able to help consumers meet their nutritional needs. It contains nutrients such as zinc, fibres including ß-glucans, and proteins.

With this product, the company joins the trend in the booming nutritional yeast market.

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