Ginger extract shows benefits against Functional Dyspepsia

Published: 14-Jun-2021

Functional dyspepsia (FD) is a common disorder characterised by a cluster of symptoms largely affecting the upper digestive system

Dolcas Biotech has shown significant potential for reducing a broad range of functional dyspepsia-related symptoms in chronic sufferers. According to the results of a clinical study, the concentrated, all-natural high-gingeroids extract of ginger root (Zingiber officinale roscoe) demonstrated a positive capacity in alleviating dyspepsia.

Functional dyspepsia (FD) is a common disorder characterised by a cluster of symptoms largely affecting the upper digestive system. The symptoms include epigastric pain, burning, and an uncomfortable sense of fullness.

The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study, led by Sanjib Kumar Panda, PhD, was published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements. The research was done at the Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, New Delhi, India, and included 57 participants suffering from FD. They were allocated either 200 mg of Ginfort, twice daily, or to the equivalent dose in a dibasic calcium-inactive placebo. Nine functional dyspepsia related symptoms were assessed.

At 2 weeks into the trial, 41% of subjects in the treatment group reported a statistically significant positive response which was maintained throughout the trial period. Supplementation was found to be effective in 79% of the subjects, while the placebo was found to be 21% effective. Responder rate in the treatment group was also 58% higher than placebo group at Visit 4.

In an assessment at week 4 of secondary efficacy endpoints, the collective elimination score for three major symptoms, postprandial fullness, upper abdominal bloating, and early satiation. was 64% for Ginfort subjects, whereas only 13% of the placebo group rated their symptoms as eliminated. Most of the nine individual symptoms also showed statistically significant rates of elimination over the placebo group, Dolcas says. Examination of blood labs and of vital signs reportedly determined the extract to be an effective and safe option for the treatment of FD.

“Ginger has been revered as a food and medicinal since time immemorial,” explains Dr Shavon Jackson-Michel, Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs at Dolcas Biotech. “The rhizome’s use in support of digestive health has been promising and anecdotally rewarding yet has evaded rigorous scientific evaluation in terms of producing consistently, positive results.”

Ginfort’s Aqueosome technology delivers 26% of active gingeroid compounds, including the gingerols and shagaols. Its proprietary solvent-free extraction process produces a powder from ginger oleoresin containing high concentrations of pure ginger polyphenols and essential oils in their native, naturally stable matrix.

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