Geno launches ingredient for mental clarity and athletic performance

Published: 3-Nov-2022

The functional ingredient helps companies meet increasing consumer demand for keto products

Geno has announced its entry into the functional foods and beverages market with the launch of its new functional ingredient, Avela natural (R)-1,3-Butanediol. 

The novel, sugar-free ingredient, debuting at SupplySide West 2022 in Las Vegas, offers a fast, easy and accessible way to raise beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) ketone levels, the primary energy source made in the body during ketosis.

Studies have shown that ketone supplementation elevates BHB levels, providing a readily available energy source that can help boost mental clarity and athletic performance. Avela can help companies bring these benefits to a wider consumer audience by fueling everyday and high-performance activities anywhere — without the need for a highly restrictive diet and/or prolonged fasting. Made from plant sugars using Geno’s sustainable, proprietary fermentation process, the ingredient is a source of natural energy and can provide these benefits of ketosis on demand, supporting a variety of lifestyles. 

Geno is helping companies answer rising consumer demand for keto products across the globe —safely and sustainably

Avela is self-affirmed Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) and can be used to formulate a broad range of keto-friendly products across a variety of categories — including beverages, bars and gels — driving down costs and increasing its distribution potential and acceptance in retail outlets.

Avela is clinically demonstrated to rapidly raise BHB levels safely and effectively after ingestion and provide more fuel than the same amount of carbohydrates alone. As pure (R)-1,3-Butanediol, the ingredient is metabolised to form (D)-BHB, the same ketone that’s naturally produced during ketosis. After ingestion, Avela rapidly elevates BHB levels, providing a clean, sugar-free ketogenic energy source for use by muscles and the brain.

“There’s a growing awareness about the benefits of ketones,” said Terry Kitagawa, Ph.D., Geno’s nutrition product development manager. “And Geno is helping companies answer rising consumer demand for keto products across the globe —safely and sustainably.”

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