Functional ingredients supplier AIDP adds NuBana to distribution portfolio

Published: 22-May-2019

NuBana is the green banana flour ingredient by AIG and boasts a minimum 60% RS2 resistant starch

International Agriculture Group has appointed AIDP as the sales and marketing partner for its NuBana product, the RS2 green banana flour for supplements and functional foods.

Green banana flour is a natural prebiotic, rich in resistant starch. It contains a minimum 60% RS2 resistant starch, one of the highest concentrations on the market, delivering a wide range of digestive, weight management and metabolic benefits. Resistant starch is a starch that resists digestion and is lacking in the American diet.

Benefits of resistant starch include general health and wellbeing, promoting regularity, satiety and fat burning, as well as insulin sensitivity, intestinal health, kidney health and other metabolism benefits. Applications for the NuBana range of products include supplement powders, beverage powders, bars, cold fill beverages and raw vegan foods.

"We are excited about the working with AIDP, as their professional team, experience and know-how are pivotal in today's market,” says Maurice "Mo" Moragne, CEO of Mooresville, IAG. "This new ingredient is an excellent addition to AIDP’s growing portfolio of functional, sustainable ingredients," adds Mark Thurston, president of AIDP. "Green banana flour is widely recognised as a versatile and beneficial ingredient and will allow our customers to increase their digestive health offerings."

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