Faravelli releases coronavirus statement

Published: 27-Feb-2020

Italy-based ingredients provider has shared the actions taken by the company with regard to the recent outbreak

Headquartered in Italy, Faravelli have released a statement regarding the recent coronavirus outbreak:

The emergency situation generated by coronavirus has obliged us to take preventive measures to protect the health of our employees and at the same time to guarantee the continuity of our service.

We would like to share actions taken by our company.

We have set up a working group that will coordinate activities during this emergency period. Members of the group are part of corporate strategic functions, such as safety, sales, purchasing dept, technical office, logistics, administration, human resources and will guarantee a constant flow of information towards employees.

We have implemented smart working for all functions to whom it can apply. Customers usual commercial contacts will therefore be reachable at the direct phone numbers and mobile, and will be equipped with IT equipment suitable for performing their functions even remotely.

Employees who instead cannot operate in remote working will have to comply with hygiene rules and behaviors in line with the requirements of the Italian Minister of Health and the Authorities.

As for logistics, our partner Sinteco operates at the moment without difficulty. Preventive controls have been activated on external staff entering the warehouse and suitable behavioral procedures have been taken, such as the use of masks and disinfectants.

For purely precautionary purposes, promotional activities, such as visits to customers and suppliers in Italy and abroad, have been interrupted until a date to be defined based on the evolution of the situation.

At the moment we believe that what has been implemented is sufficient to protect our collaborators and our activities.

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