Energy-boosting foods increasingly popular in UK

Published: 28-Mar-2017

The younger generation are showing an interest in higher nutritional content while older people are prioritising health

According to a new Euromonitor report, foods and drinks positioned as energy boosting in the UK are forecasted to grow by almost 12% by 2021 and are set to contribute more than £1bn to the health and wellness industry in the next five years.

Maria Mascaraque, Health and Wellness analyst at Euromonitor International, said:

“The evolution of consumers’ priorities towards the consumption of natural foods and beverages is the main contributor to the health and wellness growth.”

“Consumers are looking for minimally processed or unprocessed products, in line with the clean label trend, with an increasing desire for whole foods, ancient grains, green tea and plant-based proteins from nuts and seeds.”

“The ageing population is prioritising health whilst the millennials desire nutritional content and energy, with beverages and healthy snacks becoming the way to obtain the extra nutritional content,” said Mascaraque.

“Both consumer groups are moving away from sugar, and rediscovering good carbs and supergrains.”

“The move from one-fits-all to personalised products continues to grow and acquisitions form a major strategy for bringing in innovation, entering new markets and new categories.”

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