Chilean astaxanthin producer chooses Lus as European distributor

Published: 4-Nov-2019

Lus Health Ingredients will distribute Atacama Bio Natural Product’s Haematococcus pluviali, produced in the heart of the desert of the same name

Chilean Atacama Bio Natural Products has chosen Netherlands-based Lus Health Ingredients (LHI) to distribute the NatAxtin range of products for the European market. The deal brings together Atacama Bio's strength in producing high-quality natural astaxanthin and LHI's European market experience.

Together the parties will ignite further growth of the astaxanthin market in the supplement, diet, and sports nutrition markets.

"We have received an enormous energy boost thanks to this partnership. Teaming up with a company that shares our core values with such enthusiasm reaffirms our commitment to people's health and sustainability," said José Luis Arenas, CEO of Atacama Bio.

Atacama Bio produces Haematococcus pluvialis, in what is probably the world's most natural and sustainable way, right in the heart of the Atacama Desert, known for its clean environment and clear skies. This is the basis for a cost-effective range of products called NatAxtin, which includes 10% astaxanthin oleoresin for use in supplements, a Biomass product for tablets and a microencapsulated powder that is a perfect fit in sports nutrition.

Natural astaxanthin is known for its strong antioxidant activity and recognized by so many consumers to benefit eyesight, prevent sunburn, and decrease joint inflammation. More recently it has become evident that can help in superior sport performance by boosting energy, power, and endurance.

"This will be the start of great things to come. The companies have very complementary skillsets but, what we both find even more important, is that we have similar values. We want to help people live a healthier life while taking care of our planet and this is exactly what Atacama is offering to the world," said René Van Hoorn, CEO of Lus Health Ingredients.

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