ChickP cracked the code for creamy dairy free barista beverages

Published: 5-Jul-2022

Pure chickpea protein demonstrates high solubility, great flavour and performance in non-dairy creamers

ChickP, a foodTech startup, and pioneer in plant-based protein innovation, introduces its protein isolates customised for trendy dairy alternative barista-style coffee drinks.

The company developed an advanced prototype of a chickpea-based milk analogue. This plant-based creamer for coffee demonstrates the versatility of ChickP’s pure protein, following its sterling performance as an egg replacer for vegan mayonnaise.

This solution has been designed to serve food formulators working in the alternative dairy space to create compelling milk analogs specifically for creamy beverages such as coffee.

Accurately recreating flavour, texture and nutritional values in dairy milk analogs with plant-based alternatives creates significant challenges. Many plant proteins on the market have bitter or off flavours, low protein content and grainy or chalky textures.

Even with the use of multiple masking agents, added sugar or flavour modifiers, the results lack the appearance and organoleptic characteristics of real, creamy milk. Moreover, the long list of ingredients on the label can be negative for consumers.

“Plant-based barista drinks set new challenges,” explains Liat Lachish Levy, CEO of ChickP. “Consumers want a holistic, better-for-you, yet full flavour experience. Our technologists took full advantage of our new state-of-the-art application lab to overcome organoleptic and technical challenges in creating creamy, dairy-free ‘milk’ for the perfect cappuccino.”

High foaming, smooth texture

Chickpeas are a rich source of high-quality protein. ChickP’s IP-protected technology extracts this pure protein while removing bitterness and many non-nutritional factors. The resulting ingredient has a neutral flavour, mitigating the need for sugar or flavour additives in the final product, and enabling beverage formulators to significantly shorten ingredients list to deliver an all-natural product.

Moreover, it demonstrates excellent foaming capabilities owing to its high solubility and smooth texture. The model plant-based barista milk contains 3% protein. Existing vegetable-origin barista products typically contain less than 1% protein.

“Consumers are looking for plant-based milk, but they also demand great taste and texture,” notes Maor Dahan, Application Manager of ChickP. “Our chickpea S930 and G910 isolate are the most refined form of protein with the advantage of matching colour, flavour and functional properties to food and beverage applications."

"This protein has great solubility, exhibiting excellent water dispersion properties across a wide range of pH. It has a low viscosity and an optimised flavour.”

Chickpea is not listed as an allergen and is not genetically modified.

“We currently are developing more than 20 plant-based applications with leading food and beverage companies with our pure ChickP protein,” reports Lachish Levy.

“Our customers turned to us to solve major challenges of plant-based products and we were able to provide comprehensive solutions in terms of flavour, complete nutrition profile and functionality. Together with our customers and partners, we are unlocking the potential of our ChickP protein to offer the best solutions across multiple applications. Our customers confirm that ChickP isolate offers the best dairy-like solution on the market today.”

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