Brazil approves hyaluronic acid ingredient from Bioiberica

Published: 17-Jan-2020

Mobilee, a patented rooster comb extract that is rich in hyaluronic acid, has been approved by Brazil’s health regulatory agency

The Brazilian Ministry of Health’s regulatory agency (ANVISA) has provided marketing authorisation for Mobilee as a novel food ingredient in the country. Part of Bioiberica’s branded ingredients portfolio for healthcare, Mobilee is a patented ingredient derived from rooster comb extract that is rich in hyaluronic acid.

Mobilee is proven to contribute to maintaining joint health and muscular function, containing a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and other components, including collagen and polysaccharides.

Mobilee is now authorised as an ingredient for food supplements and functional foods by the main competent authorities worldwide. These include the European Union (Novel Food), US (GRAS status), Canada (medicinal supplement), Australia and New Zealand (medicinal supplement and non-traditional ingredient for use in functional foods), India (functional ingredient) and Indonesia and Taiwan (nutritional supplement).

The ingredient’s nutritional characteristics and safety have been tested in six preclinical trials and five randomised clinical trials over the last twelve years. Now available for use in food applications across Brazil, manufacturers across the country are able to meet growing consumer demand for products that support joint health and mobility.

Dr Daniel Martínez, Head of Human Health R&D at Bioiberica, explained: “Mobilee is an innovative product that is naturally absorbed by the human body. Thanks to the synergy of its individual components - hyaluronic acid, collagen and polysaccharides - the benefits Mobilee can offer, go far beyond the advantages offered by hyaluronic acid alone.”

Jaume Reguant, Director of Healthcare at Bioiberica, explained that Brazil is a key market for Bioiberica in the area of joint health. “We are already market leader with our native type II collagen, b-2Cool, thanks to the strategic partnership with our Brazilian partner, Ayalla. Together with them, we will continue to meet the needs of thousands of people who look to maintain healthy joints.”

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