BGG introduces ApplePhenon white paper by William Sears, MD

Published: 13-Oct-2020

Dr Sears is the author of more than 40 best selling books and countless articles on nutrition, parenting and healthy ageing

William Sears, MD has published a white paper on BGG’s ApplePhenon, an apple extract high in polyphenols and antioxidants. The white paper covers key information about ApplePhenon focusing on the medical research demonstrating its health-giving properties. ApplePhenon has been the subject of over 50 published studies including 17 human clinical trials.

Clinically-validated health benefits confirmed in this research include cardiovascular health; weight management; support for healthy blood sugar levels; respiratory health; allergic challenges; skin health; strength & endurance; and oral care.

“Having an independent and trusted expert like Dr. Sears write in his own, easily- understandable words about the impressive research on ApplePhenon has taken this ingredient to a new level,” said Bob Capelli, CEO of BGG Americas.

“The publication of Dr Sears paper will certainly be a great benefit and inspiration for brands interested in utilizing this versatile extract in cutting-edge formulas, functional foods & beverages, as well as standalone supplements. Anyone wishing to read a free copy of this white paper should contact us at”

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