Barrington and TriNutra introduce first standardised cold-pressed Nigella sativa oil

Published: 10-Dec-2018

Barrington Nutritionals has introduced the first cold-pressed Nigella sativa (Black Seed) oil standardised to 3% thymoquinone

ThymoQuin has been clinically tested and shown to demonstrate excellent benefits to support cardiovascular health and healthy inflammatory response.

ThymoQuin is a high-quality natural and traceable ingredient derived from Nigella sativa. TriNutra, the developer of ThymoQuin, avoids the use of solvents or heat, opting to use a slow, cold-press extraction process to provide a product with the highest possible thymoquinone content.

There are approximately 50 preclinical, animal and clinical research trials demonstrating the efficacy and healing components of Nigella sativa oil when taken at the recommended dose.

Nigella sativa oil (NSO) has been used for more than 2000 years and has been referred to as the blessing seed,” said Morris Zelkha, TriNutra cofounder.

“Our standardised cold-press black seed oil, ThymoQuin, exhibits superior potency and support for healthy inflammatory activity when compared with other NSO products on the market.”

TriNutra ensures complete farm-to-finished-product traceability with its Nigella sativa breeding programme.

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This includes knowing the history of its farm, varieties of Nigella sativa produced, cultivation and harvesting conditions, seed storage, and processing.

The TriNutra farm thrives in the Israeli climate and yields 2-3 times the thymoquinone content of other varieties of Nigella sativa.

“ThymoQuin has also been clinically shown to have synergistic effects when combined with other ingredients such as omega-3,” said Chris Holland, VP of Sales at Barrington Nutritionals.

“These synergistic effects will help our customers create more effective formulations for the end consumer.”

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