AlgalPure DHA: Bioriginal’s new DHA solution

Published: 18-Jun-2019

The new product can be used in applications in diverse markets such as infant formula, supplements and functional foods

Bioriginal has had a stronghold in the omega-rich oils market for numerous years. More recently, it has been working on launching a new line of DHA-rich products for the mainstream markets as well as up and coming market segments.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a long-chain, polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid. It is biochemically synthesised in the body; however, this process is inefficient. Consequently, DHA cannot be produced in significant amounts by the body and needs to be administered externally in the form of food, supplements or functional foods. In nature, it is primarily found in seafood, such as fish, shellfish and algae.

In more and more research it is proven that DHA has an essential role in the development and maintenance of normal brain and vision functioning. DHA is an essential ingredient of the world’s biggest infant formula brands and in a wide range of supplements.

Simultaneously, there has been a rapid rise in the demand for vegan and sustainable products on the market. To cater to this growing demand, Bioriginal has introduced a high quality, microalgae-derived DHA: AlgalPure DHA.

AlgalPure DHA contains a minimum of 40% DHA. The patented production results in the highest quality product with IP protection. AlgalPure DHA is produced from the Schizochytrium microalgae strain which has Novel Food approval, hence making the product suitable for a wide range of applications.

AlgalPure DHA is produced by solvent-free extraction and is refined in Europe according to Bioriginal’s high-quality standards. The global company also has expertise in the refining process, which has resulted in AlgalPure DHA being a neutral tasting and odourless product with a light colour.

The market feedback for AlgalPure DHA has so far been very positive due to this extremely neutral taste of the product.

AlgalPure DHA finds applications in diverse markets such as infant formula, supplements and functional foods.

Besides AlgalPure DHA, The company also offers BioPure DHA oil. BioPure DHA contains 25% DHA and is, just like the AlgalPure DHA, neutral in taste and smell. The oil is used mainly in infant formula products and food supplements.

Bioriginal is one of the market leaders in tuna oil products. Its customised approach enables consistent supply to customers with a product that fits their standards and needs. The company uses its knowledge to optimise the quality of products against a competitive price.

To make the consumption of the essential DHA easy for children Bioriginals has developed a delicious tutti frutti chewable softgel containing BioPure DHA. This sweet chewable with a shell dissolves easily when eaten which is what makes it an ideal supplement for children.

The chewable is also enriched with vitamin D and E, both important for healthy growth. With only one capsule per day, health claims are possible on the benefits of all three components.

Increasingly, the company gets requests from customers for unique products containing DHA and this is truly where Bioriginal’s strength lies. Its blending capabilities and knowledge of different oils (from both plant and marine sources) enable the production of unique and customer specific products.

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