Vitaco Health to launch ATHENA Sports Nutrition, made for athletic women

Published: 16-Apr-2024

The supplement will assist female athletes in improving their performance, with a range of minerals and proteins to fortify and revitalise

New sports nutrition product range will support, celebrate and empower women to live life strong, and is designed to take female athletes to their next level

This April, the makers of Musashi, Vitaco Health will launch ATHENA Sports Nutrition, a brand new sports nutrition range dedicated to athletic women. 

Featuring protein powders, supplements and snacks, the Informed Sport Certified (excluding bars) range is dedicated to helping female athletes achieve their next performance level, whether they compete professionally or are training to be super fit. 

As women are made differently, the Athena product is made differently to suit the biological needs of being a female athlete. 

In consultation with elite female athletes and sport nutritional experts, including Advanced Sports Dietitian Sally Walker, the products will be paired with +Factors (iron, collagen, calcium and electrolytes), unlike any other product offering within the sports nutrition space. 

“Women have different biological needs for their body. Identifying these specific needs and targeting them through tailored nutrition can support peak performance and health. The ATHENA +Factor emphasises the specific ingredients females need to feel and perform their best including iron, calcium, collagen, electrolytes and protein,” explains ATHENA Sports Nutrition’s Advanced Sports Dietitian Sally Walker.

“With concerning health data that 38% of Australian females aged 19-30 aren’t reaching their daily iron intake and that 20% of women will develop osteoporosis later in life, it’s vital we identify these nutrients and encourage preventative actions as a focus area for females.” Adds Sally.



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