SunWay Biotech and Gnosis by Lesaffre form alliance to launch MenaQ7 Metabolic

Published: 18-Mar-2024

The novel product will be aimed at the lucrative vitamin K2 market

SunWay Biotech, an ingredients manufacturer and Gnosis by Lesaffre, a fermentation solutions provider, has today announced a strategic partnership to launch their inaugural product, MenaQ7 Metabolic, featuring the ANKASCIN 568-R ingredient. 

The two companies have announced their alliance and unveiled their novel product at the Natural Products Expo West, the product is aimed at the global vitamin K2 market. 

The new product launch marks the beginning of a deeper collaboration in product development and international supply chain integration between the two nutraceutical organisations.    

MenaQ7 Metabolic combines two key active ingredients, MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7 and ANKASCIN 568-R. MenaQ7 is the only Vitamin K2 as MK-7 clinically proven beneficial for bone and heart health currently available.

ANKASCIN 568-R is the world's only red yeast rice fermentation material without Monacolin K (Statin). SunWay Biotech, invited by the US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), contributed to the development of a red yeast rice health product chapter, and ANKASCIN 568-R has obtained New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) status. 

With over 130 scientific publications, ANKASCIN 568-R has been recognised for its benefits in addressing various metabolic issues and received the Nutraingredient Asia Awards.

John Pan, General Manager of Sunway Biotech, commented: “Sunway Biotech endeavours to enhance human health through advanced biological transformation processes. Our partnership with Gnosis by Lesaffre, a key global player in fermentation, will highly advantageous. Sunway looks forward to exposing unique ingredients to global nutraceutical markets."

SunWay Biotech and Gnosis by Lesaffre aim to expand globally by leveraging this collaboration to drive more product innovation to tackle some of the world’s most prevalent health issues.      


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