Dichrostachys ingredient may boost sleep quality, according to a new study

Published: 26-Jun-2024

Somnoril can help consumers fall asleep faster, while also allowing them to sleep for longer

Gateway Health Alliances, an ingredients supplier in the nutraceutical space, has released the results of a study indicating that its proprietary Dichrostachys ingredient, Somnoril, can assist in improving sleep quality and daytime energy.

The randomised clinical study has been published in Medical Research Archives.


The study

The recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study involved 56 adults who reported experiencing poor sleep quality. 

Participants either received 300mg per day of Dichrostachys glomerata or placebo for 60 days.

Sleep outcomes were assessed through a validated self-reported Insomnia Severity Index, and objective measurements of sleep and daytime activity were also gathered.

Analysis was conducted throughout the trial at days 0, 30 and 60.


A 25.6% drop in (insomnia) symptoms measured by the insomnia severity index

The results

From 60 days of supplementation with D. glomerata, participants reported a significant improvement in overall sleep quality, which was observed both from baseline scores and in comparison to the placebo group.

There was also a notable reduction in insomnia symptoms, with a 25.6% drop in symptoms measured by the insomnia severity index.

As well as this, those receiving Somnoril showed significant improvements in sleep efficiency, meaning they spent less time in bed awake and more time sleeping. This resulted in the group falling asleep 19.7% faster.

There was also a significant increase in the total sleep time — including light, REM and deep sleep.

Supplementation with Somnoril also showed benefits in daytime activity levels. 


D. glomerata’s widespread benefits 

As well as the recent discovery that this West African ancient functional ingredient can be used to ameliorate sleep quality, prior research has shown the plant’s ability to provide assistance in weight management. 

Four previous randomised clinical trials involving ~550 subjects demonstrate Dichrostachys glomerata enables significant weight loss without diet or exercise and improves metabolic balance and wellness.

President of Gateway Health Alliances, Shil Kothari, commented: “Somnoril is a first-of-its-kind natural ingredient that can help consumers address three global health concerns: sleep, healthy weight loss, and metabolic wellness. Our latest research extends the clinically validated weight management benefits of Dichrostachys glomerata to include improvement of sleep quality and quantity for individuals experiencing poor sleep.”


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