Agrain announces strategic partnership with Daymer Ingredients as exclusive distributor in the UK

By Annabel Kartal-Allen | Published: 24-Jan-2024

Agrain has announced a strategic B2B partnership with the UK ingredient distribution company Daymer Ingredients, newly extending their footprint into the UK; focusing on ingredient distribution to the bread and baked goods industry

Agrain produces up-cycled ingredients designed to elevate the quality and sustainability of baked goods.

Recognising increasing consumer demand for health-conscious and eco-friendly alternatives, Agrain’s collaboration with Daymer Ingredients aims to deliver cutting-edge, up-cycled ingredients to the UK.

This strategic partnership will introduce Agrain’s flagship ingredient - spent grain flour - to the bread and baked goods industry across the UK.

Agrain works with spent grains based on a definite gastronomic value set, ensuring that the functional flour not only boosts nutrition and imparts numerous technical properties to the formulation of recipes, but also elevates the culinary value of the final products.

By incorporating these natural aromas, Agrain allows manufacturers to enhance their product’s nutritional profile and sustainability, without compromising taste or quality.

The Agrain and Daymer partnership underscores the increasing importance of sustainable ingredients in today’s food manufacturing landscape.

The companies are well-placed to positively mpact the UK food industry by offering businesses high-quality, eco-friendly ingredients that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future.

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