Postbiotic gummy boosts children’s immune health, study shows

Published: 10-Jul-2024

EpiCor in a gummy format enhanced the immune health of 256 children by reducing cold and flu symptoms, reliance on OTC medication and lowering cold and flu symptom severity

Novel research from Cargill and and KGK Science has found that EpiCor, a postbiotic gummy, may enhance the immune health of children from ages 4–12. 

The postbiotic ingredient, which is fortified by more than 15 published studies, has shown promise in supporting immune health, as well as modulating the gut microbiome in adult populations.

There is now evidence that this positive effect extends to children as well, which is laid out in a paper in the journal Pediatric Research.


The study 

The randomised, placebo-controlled trial was completed during the ‘cold and flu season’ in Canada, with 256 children between the ages of 4 and 12 being enrolled.

The children were either given 500mg of EpiCor postbiotic or a placebo for 84 days to determine the long-term effects of supplementation on immune health.


The results

For those receiving EpiCor, there were a range of benefits to immune health, including:

  • Significant reductions in cold and flu symptom severity during the supplementation period
  • Lower severity scores on troublesome cold and flu symptoms, including muscle aches and pains and a sore throat
  • A reduction in the need for cold and flu medicine. Children who received the placebo were 1.7x more likely to need such interventions

The postbiotic gummy also had a good safety and tolerability profile.

A unique study

This study was the first to test the efficacy and safety of postbiotic ingredients in children, as well as being one of the only trials investigating the benefits of gummies for supplementation purposes. 

Cargill also believes that this is the only peer-reviewed study on postbiotic gummies available.

“This new research on immune support in children continues to highlight the benefits of postbiotics in the wider population. By affirming EpiCor’s efficacy in a gummy format, we’re also responding to consumer preferences for alternative supplement formats.” Said Dr Justin Green, Director of Scientific Affairs at Cargill. 

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