Brightseed debuts newly improved microbiome discovery programme

Published: 22-May-2024

The company has expanded its microbiome discovery programme to identify microbially-derived bioactives, as well as its AI capabilities to identify active compounds in nature

Brightseed, a company focused on discovering and commercialising bioactive compounds in nature with AI, has expanded its innovation programmes, which are available to partners.

Through the introduction of Rapid Profiling and the company's newly expanded microbiome capabilities, Brightseed is unlocking novel health insights for product development, whilst accelerating commercialisation timelines for food, nutrition and bioscience companies. 

Brightseed will be presenting the company’s latest AI benchmarks, capabilities and research at the IPA World Congress + Probiota Americas 2024 conference in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, June 12.

One of the company's Microbiome discovery programmes focuses on the identification of microbially-derived bioactives and their associated health benefits when fermented ingredients or other prebiotic material interact with gut bacteria.

Brightseed is collecting and analysing fermented sources from around the globe with the help of global industry partners such as Korean food powerhouse — CJ Foods — to launch this effort.

“Our microbiome programmes, which also include synbiotic product development, are tailored for companies who are deeply vested in bringing novel and clinically validated products into their food and consumer health portfolios,” said David Brown, Vice President of Business Development at Brightseed. “The global market size for probiotics is valued at USD $58bn, and synbiotics provide more robust benefits to consumers than probiotics alone. Our AI technology, Forager, allows us to predict bioactives resulting from the interaction between bacterial strains and natural ingredients, which is an exciting application of AI in microbiome research and innovation.”

In addition to their Microbiome offerings, Brightseed helps companies innovate for health by co-developing novel bioactive ingredients in specific health areas of interest, or by leveraging Forager AI, to investigate the full health potential of a company’s existing hero ingredients.

With the introduction of Rapid Profiling to their partner programmes, Brightseed is now able to deliver actionable insights into phytochemical and bioactive composition of their ingredients or supply chain in just six to eight weeks, giving companies an accelerated roadmap for clinical validation and commercialisation.

Brightseed has developed the world's largest digitised library of natural compounds mapped to human health targets. To date, Forager has mapped over seven million compounds from plants, fungi and bacterial strains across 23 human health areas, and has expanded the potential universe of bioactives by approximately eight times more than what is publicly known. 1


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