Vitafoods Europe: Roquette explains link between physiological and nutritional needs

Published: 5-Apr-2019

Roquette will bring vegan sports nutrition to the show, launch a new grade of pea protein for sports drink products

The global nutraceutical market is projected to grow 8% per year. This growth comes from emerging countries, but also from ageing populations, the rising cost of healthcare, increasing on-the-go & health-conscious consumers being proactive about their health, and consumers selecting ingredients based on clean label or dietary restrictions.

“Providing consumers with appealing, easy to take, and affordable dosage supplements is our nutraceutical customers’ first priority, which is why the performance, quality and stability of their formulations is our priority,” says Kelsey Achenbach, Head of Marketing Pharma at Roquette.

Roquette is well positioned to meet these needs and to help its customers get closer to the health & nutrition market’s expectations with a portfolio of products.

These ingredients are entirely plant-based and are consumer-friendly solutions to address key challenges related to health, including Sports Nutrition, changes in food consumption patterns and growing supplement consumption around the world.

Samples addressing specific nutritional needs will be available at the company’s booth:

  • u Hi-protein RTD
    • Power your day or boost your workout with this vegan high-protein, ready-to-drink beverage. Thanks to the benefits provided by NUTRALYS pea protein and NUTRIOSE soluble fibre, this on-the-go beverage is high in protein and a source of fibre, and has a creamy texture. Non-dairy and non-soy, this plant-based RTD is the perfect ally of sports nutrition
  • u Vegan high-protein dough bar
    • With 25% protein -exclusively from NUTRALYS pea proteins- this delicious vegan dough bar is dairy-free and helps you feel full for longer while maintaining your muscle mass
  • u Indulgent table top fibre
    • Easily boost your fibre intake thanks to this easy-to-use, sugar-free tabletop fibre with NUTRIOSE soluble fibre. Additionally, NUTRIOSE has clinically proven benefits for blood glucose management

The health benefits of NUTRALYS pea proteins will also be displayed at the Vitafoods Europe Poster Presentation area, after having been reviewed by the Vitafoods Europe Executive Advisory Board.

Technical & nutritional experts will also explain the scientific links between the physiological and nutritional needs of active individuals and introduce a new grade of pea protein, specially designed for ready-to-drink sports products. This free presentation will be given on 7 May from 11:40 to 12:10 at the Sports Nutrition Theatre.

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