Touchstone Essentials' new packaging shows commitment to sustainability

Published: 10-Nov-2023

Touchstone Essentials, a detox and organic supplement direct sales company, has launched new sustainable packaging, reducing their plastic footprint for a better world

Global detox and nutritional supplement brand, Touchstone Essentials, a plastic neutral certified organisation, takes sustainability seriously.

The brand's resolute commitment to positive change means giving back and protecting the planet, which is reflected in its long-standing use of glass bottles for its detox supplements, compostable packaging materials, and switch from plastic to paper-based packing tape.

The company has announced the completion of another sustainability milestone: the switch from plastic canisters to bio-PPE pouches for its organic superfood powder supplement line.

The introduction of lightweight pouches lessens Touchstone Essentials' carbon footprint and reduces the amount of plastic in the environment.

Going plastic neutral is a process that takes dedication and a true vision for a more sustainable future, by committing to fund the removal of as much nature-bound plastic as is used within the company's entire product line.

Touchstone Essentials achieved this significant certification through a collaboration with rePurpose Global, an organisation that helps to put plastic waste management systems in place in areas that do not have the infrastructure.

Eddie Stone, Founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials, stated: "rePurpose Global helps us carry our mission of sustainability forward through impact projects, cutting-edge recycling and ethical wages. It's a big step toward making a healthy difference in the world." 

So far, Touchstone Essentials' plastic neutral endeavours diverts nearly 7000 pounds of ocean and landfill bound plastics annually, removing approximately 1.4 million pieces of plastic from nature.

Additionally, these efforts support extra income for 40 waste workers and their families in an impacted community in Goa, India.

Switching from plastic canisters was achieved by partnering with Grounded, a packaging producer that manufactures low carbon pouches with their patented SugarFlex bio-based non-GMO technology.

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Bio-PPE pouches are now in use for the organic greens powder, Super Green Juice; the plant-based protein mix, Organic Super Protein; and the superfood-based fiber blend, Organic Super Fiber.

Both Touchstone Essentials and Grounded are committed to a more sustainable future. Grounded products and materials are specifically designed with environmental impact in mind.

The manufacturer's transparency includes total visibility into their production, supply chain and lifecycle impact for each of their products. This includes fossil fuel reduction, sole use of renewable materials, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and recyclable plastics.

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