SVZ highlights supplier best practice in new whitepaper

Published: 14-Oct-2016

SVZ International supplies high quality fruit and vegetable ingredients to food and drink manufacturers around the world

SVZ International has published a major new whitepaper outlining the main ways suppliers of fruit and vegetable ingredients can support food and drink manufacturers.

Titled 'Three essential attributes to demand of your fruit and vegetable ingredient supplier,' the whitepaper is ideal for food processors considering the introduction of fruit and vegetable ingredients into their products or manufacturers who want to ensure they are getting the best possible value from their suppliers.

With consumer demand rising for high quality fruit and vegetables and an increasing focus on traceability, manufacturers need reliable suppliers that offer more than an adequate product range.

SVZ’s new whitepaper explains the three key areas where ingredient suppliers can bring added value to customers’ businesses through agronomy expertise and supply chain control, as well as delivering sustainable practices.

Dejan Trifunovic, Business Intelligence Manager at SVZ, states: 'There are now many companies offering fruit and vegetable ingredients to global food and beverage manufacturers, so selecting the right partner can be difficult. A supplier needs not only to have the right products, but also the services and expertise to support the range and maintain consistent supply even when harvest yields fluctuate. SVZ has produced this free whitepaper to show the full potential of a successful supplier partnership.'

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