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Sofgen Pharmaceuticals, part of Procaps Group, is an integrated Softgel contract manufacturer and product developer that offers end-to-end solutions in Softgel technologies from development throughout delivery for generics, prescription drugs, OTC products and specialized nutraceuticals for companies interested in developing and launching novel products in North America, Canada and Europe.

Through our extensive capabilities and deep expertise in softgel product development and manufacturing, we help different companies bring innovative products to their markets faster, offering their consumers an exceptional experience, high dosage form preference and superior adherence to different therapies. Our advanced delivery platforms, plus our proven formulation, manufacturing and regulatory expertise, has enabled us to become an integrated CDMO (or as we call it, an iCDMO), giving customers full-service, turnkey solutions across both development and delivery.

As a leading softgel manufacturer, we offer innovative softgel dosage forms such as:

  • Unigel™: A novel technology for multi-purpose combinations in one single dose
  • Chewgels™: Chewable softgels
  • Versagel™: plant-based Soft chewable capsules
  • G-Tabs™: Gelatin-coated tablets
  • Twistgels: A soft gelatin capsule with a twist-off cap
  • Stripegels: Striped softgel capsules
  • Vaogels: Softgel vaginal ovule or inserts

Complete formulation research and development services

At Sofgen Pharmaceuticals, we work with innovation, quality, and flexibility to develop and unleash the power of your most challenging projects for your brands. With an in-depth knowledge on development services, our experts are driven by science and technology to support all your projects along the way.

About Procaps Group

Procaps Group, S.A. ("Procaps Group") (NASDAQ: PROC) is a developer of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solutions, medicines, and hospital supplies that reach more than 50 countries in all five continents.

Procaps has a direct presence in 13 countries in the Americas and more than 5,300 collaborators working under a sustainable model. Procaps develops, manufactures, and markets over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products and prescription pharmaceutical drugs (Rx), nutritional supplements and high-potency clinical solutions.

Procaps Group today is the largest pharmaceutical CDMO in Latin America and in the top three worldwide in terms of volume of softgel production capacity.

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