Salt of the Earth appoints exclusive distributor for West Europe

Published: 26-Jul-2017

Salt of the Earth appoints Kreglinger Specialties as its exclusive distributor for Mediterranean Umami, an all-natural sodium reduction ingredient

Kreglinger will be responsible for Mediterranean Umami, winner of the IFT17 Food Expo Innovation Award, an on-trend sodium reduction solution for the food industry.

It boasts a great umami flavour, perfect for creating healthier foods.

Mediterranean Umami consists of simple, consumer friendly ingredients vegetable extracts and sea salt making it an all natural, clean label ingredient.

Dovik Tal, CEO of Salt of the Earth, said: “We are excited to partner with Kreglinger Specialties. The combination of its talented sales-team and strong technical support, along with a focus on natural, clean-label and healthy ingredients, is a good fit for Salt of the Earth. Also, Western Europe presents a great opportunity as companies respond to regulatory trends for reduced sodium.”

Wim Arnouts, CEO of Kreglinger Specialties, said: “Mediterranean Umami is a great addition to our product portfolio, and we are excited to work with this new ingredient. It complements our existing solutions for fat reduction and sugar reduction. With this added salt-reduction ingredient and its natural flavour enhancement properties, Kreglinger is able to offer its customers a complete package of highly relevant solutions for creating tastier and healthier foods.”

The Food Standards Authority (FSA) in the UK has issued updated salt/sodium levels for a wide variety of foods that will go into effect in 2017. The revised UK-wide salt reduction targets for 2017 have been published, for 76 categories of foods.

The average UK salt consumption remains high at approximately 8.1 – 8.8 g/day so there is still considerable reduction required to meet the maximum daily intake of 6 g for adults. Its traffic light front of package labelling for the UK, with red, amber, and green lights for content of calories, fats, sugar and salt, is gaining momentum.

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