Robust, food-grade seals made-to-order

Published: 25-Jun-2018

The SKF machined polymer seals service for food and beverage manufacturers provides fast, customised solutions featuring effective seal profile designs and industry standard compliant sealing materials

Using its SKF SEAL JET machining centres, SKF can now provide a rapid-response, machined seal design and production service to meet the special needs of the food and beverage sectors.

Offering a faster, more flexible alternative to moulded seal production, SKF’s machined seal production process is capable of delivering standard or fully customised, high quality seals in ‘one-off’ or low volume runs, to tight deadlines, and in standard and special-grade machinable sealing materials that are fully compliant with US FDA and 3A Sanitary standards, as well as EU and UK Food Safety regulations.

SKF sealing solutions for food and beverage manufacturers draw upon a variety of specialty material types to meet the sectors’ specific requirements for hygiene, structural integrity and resistance to caustic cleaning agents.

These include high performance polyurethanes that offer excellent abrasion and wear resistance, low compression set and high tear strength; high quality elastomer materials such as HNBR, FKM, EPDM and silicones that tolerate high moisture environments and deliver excellent resistance to wash-down chemicals; as well as a range of specialty thermoplastics that can operate at higher temperatures, resist more aggressive chemicals and work reliably in otherwise challenging operating conditions.

In addition to this material selection, SKF can draw upon a huge range of seal profiles, sealing lip designs, metallic casings and energisers to meet every possible application requirement.

The SKF machined seal production offering provides everything from rapid prototyping to serial production and replacement parts.

Whether it happens to be an OEM seeking to create prototypes for testing or an end-user who needs a replacement part, SKF can work with customers in close partnership to develop effective sealing solutions that improve their productivity and product reliability, extend asset service life and reduce lifecycle operating costs.

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