Rimfrost plans new krill vessel as global demand increases

Published: 27-Apr-2017

New opportunities are now emerging now that a major patient dispute case has been resolved

Norwegian krill manufacturer RIMFROST notes that the global demand for krill oil for human consumption increases, and begins the planning of a new vessel.

“After several challenging years, the global krill market is now showing real signs of recovery,” owner of RIMFROST, Stig Remoy, said.

RIMFROST has increased its global sales and marketing of their patented, high quality krill oil for human consumption and is experiencing significant enthusiasm in the international market.

“There is no doubt that the withdrawal of Aker Biomarine's complaint to The International Trade Commission (ITC) had positive effects.”

“The patent conflict has had major negative impact on the global krill market for a long time. With this case resolved, new opportunities are now emerging,” Remoy said.

RIMFROST had an increase in sale of krill oil of 40% in Europe last year and the growth continues this year, showing that our novel krill oil, with high levels of omega-3 phospholipids & astaxanthin, is highly appreciated by European omega-3 consumers.

“In addition, krill has a major potential as fodder for the aquaculture market. Our technology potentially increases growth and improves health for farmed salmon,” Remoy said.

RIMFROST has now started planning the construction of a new krill vessel.

“Improvements in the market and new ways to utilize krill makes RIMFROST optimistic. In addition, GIEK are now open for granting construction of new vessels,” Remoy said.

RIMFROST placed bids during the auction of the vessel Juvel, but failed. This was not crucial for RIMFROST, but the plans for a new and more effective vessel will be accelerated due to this. RIMFROST has a clear ambition to strengthen our position in this market.” Stig Remoy said.

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