Remedy adds ADM postbiotic to Nourished range

Published: 5-Aug-2021

According to ADM research, 49% of consumers believe every individual is unique and requires a customized approach to their diet1

Remedy Health has added ADM’s proprietary HT-BPL1 postbiotic to its Nourished portfolio of 31 vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

“We only use ingredients that have scientific data to support their benefits, so when I read the incredible research on HT-BPL1 I knew immediately it was a perfect match,” said Nourished founder and CEO Melissa Snover. “We are so excited to add it to our portfolio and be able to further serve and help all of our customers who are looking for metabolic health solutions.”

BPL1 (Bifidobacterium lactis) and its heat-treated counterpart, HT-BPL1, were developed to target factors relevant to metabolic health2. Postbiotics can provide similar benefits as probiotics, but as inanimate microorganisms they retain stability during harsh processing conditions, which increases application versatility. HT-BPL1 is reportedly suited to the 3D printing process used to create Nourished vitamin stacks, a process that many probiotics would not survive.

The probiotic has been studied in two clinical trials, which both demonstrated positive effects on measures of metabolic health, ADM says2,3. Clinical results of HT-BPL1 have reportedly shown similar results, and demonstrate the postbiotic targets metabolic health through reduction in waist circumference2.

“ADM is on the forefront of microbiome research and its innovative applications for food, beverage and dietary supplements. We are excited to support Remedy Health and Nourished to launch this new era of personalized nutrition,” said Marta Tortajada Serra, VP, Science & Technology for Health & Wellness at ADM. “This collaboration is further testament of our ability to help companies develop evidence-based solutions in a variety of applications.”

To design a personalised Nourished Stack, UK consumers complete an online questionnaire and receive a combination of seven active ingredients, such as HT-BPL1, designed to support their individual wellness aspirations. Gummies are created on demand by a patented 3D food printer.


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